The following materials are required for review:

o   1 completed Submission Checklist (see below)

o   1 Protocol

o   1 Copy of the Investigational Drug Brochure/Product Monograph (if applicable)

o   1 electronic copy of the Consent Form (must provide an electronic copy in Word format)

o   1 copy of Curriculum Vitae and Copy of Current Medical License (for Principal Investigators only)

o   1 completed Site Questionnaire (for each Principal Investigator) (see below)

Following are links to downloads to aid in preparing a submission:

Documents are available in MS DOC  format.

1. 2020 Submission Checklist  DOC & PDF format
2. 2020 Site Questionnaire  DOC & PDF format
3. 2020 Submission Guide  PDF for further information about the submission process/continuing review/information about our Board